Brand it up!

Are you looking for a new vibrant way to promote your business or struggling to find something unique – then the Fobbit is your answer!

There is a panel on the front of a FOBBIT to add company trademarks or logos and further space on the reverse, so perfect for advertising.

The Fobbit is a perfect freebie or promotional giveaway item. It is multi-functional and due to it’s innovative design can be handled with ease by all ages. The Fobbit is sleek and durable – a fresh looking little number! It can be added to keys, clothing, bags, or simply added to a goodie bag.

The Fobbit appeals to all lifestyle groups as it has many uses. Attaching them to clothing to aid the zipping process, using a Fobbit to scratch off the silver panels on scratchcards/parking permits or levering ring pulls on case to aid opening – the list is growing daily!

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