The Story so far…

I came home from work one very early morning with a couple of scratchcards in my hand. Sitting at the kitchen table with my Mum we both looked at each other thinking we have nothing handy to scratch the panels off with. After several cups of coffee and a brainwave later the FOBBIT was invented!

The innovative design means that it can be handled and used by all ages. The FOBBIT is multi-functional and has endless uses.

Mum is in her 70’s and has arthritic hands, the fantastic shape means that she is able to hold and use it with ease.

My 4 year old Grandson struggles with small zips on clothing, but attaching the FOBBIT to the zip means that he can now fully dress himself and zip up too!

In the following weeks many more uses were found for the FOBBIT and many of which are yet to be discovered!